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September 25, 2014

Juellz - Silence Is Golden Ft Torae, Sadat X & Samas (prod. Beatowski) | Single

Cover EoA Juellz 1400
About the Song:
Loyalty Digital's JulianJuellz presents to you his new album called "Employee of Art"
It is referring to Juellz' dedication to his craft. "Employee of Art" is a collection of different tunes covering a wide range of interesting topics such as irony, life from a deeper perspective, relativity and more!
Juellz never disappoints with his meaningful yet on point lyrics. The Project features heavyweights such as Torae, Skyzoo, NY Oil (from the UMC's) and Sadat X. Also it is worth mentioning that Juellz is swiss and started with no knowledge of the english language. He has been featured on top sites like THESOURCE.COM or INFLEXWETRUST. Also he is member of the global collective "local Mu-12" whose recently released album also got pretty much attention in the scene.
Have a listen and enjoy good old hiphop!
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About Juellz:
Juellz is a 22 years old emcee from Switzerland. He used to hate Rap back when he was more into Rock. But it was just that shallow opinion you hold when you have no idea. He then had to admit that he liked it a lot in a way. Around that time, Juellz did not speak english at all.
When writing his first rhymes 5 years ago, inspired by mainly Swollen Members and Army of the Pharaohs, his pronunciation was very poor. Fun became serious and what you hear today is the result of passion and tenacity.
He has collaborated with various producers from all around the world plus working with his idols made the dream complete.
"I wouldn't say don't trust nobody.....It's more like...don't trust in the perfection of a human's brain"

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